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Spring and Summer SAD

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

There is a common assumption that mood and mental health improve in the spring. With longer days, more sunshine, warmer weather and the hope of summer, many expect that mood and happiness increase, along with feelings of motivation and productivity. Spring is also rainy and mucky, not everyone loves this. It can be hard to welcome spring, and not everyone will have this experience, especially if you assume that you are supposed to, just because everyone else is.

If you don’t experience this elevation in mood, be assured, this is also normal. Not everyone enjoys the warmer weather, and can dread summer coming. Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder can occur during any season change. More sunlight can reduce the amounts of natural melatonin produced by the body, disrupting sleep patterns, as well, the brain can be ‘on’ later into the night, making it harder to relax and unwind.

Additionally, there can be a lot of social pressure in the warmer months. You may be feeling self-conscious about the way your body looks, and have a hard time dressing for the weather. Social events including time around a lot of people can be overwhelming and anxious. If this is your experience, you are not alone, and this is totally normal. Try and practice some self-compassion and self love. It can be a great time to reach out to a therapist for some support!

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